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This website belongs to GAST AVOCATS, lawyer professional corporation with 50,000 euros of capital. It has registered to Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Paris, its number is D 498 856 467, and its headquarters are located in 25 rue Pierre Sémard, 38000 GRENOBLE, FRANCE.

The publishing diector of the website is Olivia GAST as the head of the GAST AVOCATS company.

Informations given on this website are provided for visitor general information only. It can’t replace legal, tax or any other advice or consultation.

Although GAST AVOCATS does its best to ensure the quality and the reliability of the informations published on this website, these informations are provided for informations purpose only, with no implicit or explicit guarantee that they are valid, exhaustive and updated. Therefore, the visitor recognizes using these informations under its own and unique reponsibility.

GAST AVOCATS provides no guarantee about the availability and accessibility of the website, and does not guarantee the absence of viruses.

GAST AVOCATS is not responsible for temporary or permanent damages caused to the vistor’s informatic system, it is not responsible either for potential losses (including, but not only, data and profit losses) that could be caused by :

– browsing our website

– the exploitation of informations provided by our website

– the copy, the visualization or any other use of our website that may result in a litigation or recovery procedure.

GAST AVOCATS is not responsible either for damages caused by the fraudulent intrusion of a third person that edited the informations provided on our website. The general structure of the website, the texts, the data and graphic components, animated or not, are protected by intellectual property laws, especially by copyright, trademark law and international treaties.

The general structure of our website, the texts and the informations provided must not in any case be edited, copied, displayed, presented, distributed or used to serve public and commercial purposes.

Anyone that downloads or collects informations from our Website can only use them in a private setting and can not transmit them. Collected informations can be copied only once, on paper or  digital format. For any use of the informations, the source from which they are collected must be mentionned.

Protected works that can be found on the website that do not belong to GAST AVOCATS have been subjected to an express and preliminary authorization by their holder.

Links that lead to other websites, mainly to websites that belong to GAST A VOCATS’s partners have been subjected to an express and preliminary authorization. Links being provided for internet users’ personal convenience, GAST AVOCATS had no control on these websites and is not responsible for them at all, as pages are under the only responsibility of their holders.

Copying a page that belongs to our website somewhere that has nothing to see with GAST AVOCATS or the addition of a page from our website in another one that doesn’t belong to GAST AVOCATS is forbidden.

The visitor acknowledges having read and understood this legal notice and undertakes to comply with it.