French Lawyers’ fees are set freely, except for fees for result which can never be the only remuneration.

Fees are determined in accordance with economic stakes and the nature of the matter.

It is our policy to adapt our fees to those factors in order to find the perfect balance. Dual solutions can still be found to respond to every situation. The firm has a prior fee agreement policy.

a) Package invoicing

Based on estimations, franchise agreements and/or pre-contractual information documents (DIP / FDD), for example, allow the measure of quantifiable services in advance.

b) Time-based invoicing

Each member of our office, in accordance with their status and their experience proposes an hourly rate and including the costs of structure.

Our usual hourly rate is 300€/hr, + 2% administrative fee on all invoices.

c) Invoicing by legal process: litigation

As litigations are often long and proportional to the resistance of the opposing defense (motivation and budget), our office proposes a budget for each sequence of the legal process:
- summons
- findings
- Court-filed documents
- defense speech.

Depending on the result of the trial and the following economic stakes, our office also proposes fees on results based on fees agreements.

d) International trade invoicing

Calculating budget assistances and office advices for customers who have an international activity is specific.

Indeed, it is necessary for these services to take into account the complexity of international trade, which appeals to combined skills that are difficult to find.

Our office is one of the rare expert in franchise that has these technical and linguistic skills allowing it to insure its services for French and international customers.

e) Subscriptions

Our office can invoice a customer-specific per-hour monthly budget, whose calculation depends on their forecast needs.

That kind of service allows the customer to freely consult our advice within the limits of this per-hour budget.