Working on the next IBA/IFA event in DC – Arbitration and International Franchising

I’ll be speaking twice this year at the next joint convention of the IBA and IFA in Washington DC, on May 8th and 9th, 2018.

1) « Franchising in the Civil Law countries in Europe »

This first will be co-hosting a roundtable on « #franchising in the Civil Law countries in #Europe ».

It’s a co-production of the IFA Legal Symposium and IFA/IBA Joint Conference, a new and not to be missed 3 hour International Franchising Basics Track intensive program in the afternoon on Tuesday May 8, 2018. It’s intended to bridge the annual IFA Legal Symposium and annual IFA/IBA Joint Conference on International Franchising that immediately follows.

2) « Enforcing Judicial Decisions & Arbitrations » 

« Enforcing Judicial Decisions & Arbitrations » will be the other one, on Wednesday 9th, a workshop with the International Franchising Committee of the IBA.

Workshop topic: Having success in litigation or #arbitration is only half the battle in achieving your goals and securing a remedy. The other half is being able to successfully enforce your award or order, and/or being able to collect monies owing.

This workshop will consider those issues in the context of #international #franchising.

We’ll be writing a #paper with some great colleagues. I’ll let you know!

Link to the Event Brochure