Working on the next IBA/IFA event in DC – Arbitration and International Franchising

I’ll be speaking twice this year at the next joint convention of the IBA and IFA in Washington DC, on May 8th and 9th, 2018.

1) “Franchising in the Civil Law countries in Europe”

This first will be co-hosting a roundtable on “#franchising in the Civil Law countries in #Europe”.

It’s a co-production of the IFA Legal Symposium and IFA/IBA Joint Conference, a new and not to be missed 3 hour International Franchising Basics Track intensive program in the afternoon on Tuesday May 8, 2018. It’s intended to bridge the annual IFA Legal Symposium and annual IFA/IBA Joint Conference on International Franchising that immediately follows.

2) “Enforcing Judicial Decisions & Arbitrations” 

“Enforcing Judicial Decisions & Arbitrations” will be the other one, on Wednesday 9th, a workshop with the International Franchising Committee of the IBA.

Workshop topic: Having success in litigation or #arbitration is only half the battle in achieving your goals and securing a remedy. The other half is being able to successfully enforce your award or order, and/or being able to collect monies owing.

This workshop will consider those issues in the context of #international #franchising.

We’ll be writing a #paper with some great colleagues. I’ll let you know!

Link to the Event Brochure